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Études cliniques scientifiques à propos des traitements capillaires offerts.

Études cliniques

Des études scientifiques sont à votre disposition pour mieux comprendre le fonctionnement des lasers et des différents traitements pour la santé des cheveux offerts par Cliniques EGO.

›  Understanding Low Level Laser Therapy
     Sunetics International

›  Sunetics Bio-Stimulation Laser System
     Sunetics International

›  Low Level Laser Therapy for the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia
    Richard A. Burgmeier, MD
    Perfect Skin Laser Center, Phoenix, Arizona

›  A Retrospective Study to Investigate and Evaluate the Unanticipated Results of Hair Loss Cessation and Temporary Hair Regrowth in Adult Males Who Had Undergone Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Wellness.
    Glenn M. Charles, DO
    Physician Researcher for Hair Solutions of New York

›  Low Level Laser Stimulation Therapy (LLLST) - Densitometry. Anatomopatology Survey
    Pr. Y.G. CRASSAS France - J. GEORGHY M.D. Australia

›  Mechanisms of Low Level Light Therapy.
    Michael R. Hamblin and Tatiana N. Demidova

›  Mechanisms of Laser-Induced Hair Regrowth
    Michael R. Hamblin, PhD
    Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

›  Effect of Multiple Exposures of Low-Level Laser Therapy on the Cellular Responses of Wounded Human Skin Fibroblasts

›  Photobiological Principles of Therapeutic Applications of Laser Radiation
    Yu. A. Vladimirov, A. N. Osipov and G. I. Klebanov

›  The current role of laser/light sources in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss
    Marc R. Avram, Robert T. Leonard Jr, Edwin S. Epstein,
    Joseph L. Williams and Alan J. Bauman

›  Use of the pulsed infrared diode laser (904 nm) in the treatment of alopecia areata
    Makram Waizi, Anmar Z. Saleh, Raafa Hayani & Samar O. Jubory