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La thérapie laser est la technique employée pour une thérapie de laser de bas niveau (LLLT) afin d'augmenter l'écoulement de sang au cuir chevelu et aux follicules de cheveux pour stimuler la croissance de cheveux. La lumière du panneau laser pénètre dans le cuir chevelu, stimule la production d'énergie au niveau cellulaire et améliore la fonction cellulaire. La thérapie capillaire au laser stimule la circulation sanguine et lymphatique au niveau du follicule, diminue l'inflammation et dynamise les cellules folliculaires pour une croissance plus épaisse des cheveux plus épais. Presque toute personne ayant des cheveux éclaircissants est un candidat pour la thérapie de cheveux laser de bas niveau.

One theory of how this non-invasive, non-chemical hair loss treatment works is that it stimulates the production of energy at the cellular level; therefore, improving cell function. Clinical studies have suggested that this cellular and sub-cellular activity breaks down the collection of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), responsible for hair loss (alopecia), and sweeps it through the lymphatic system.

LLLT also rejuvenates the hair follicles in the diffuse hair loss and thinning associated with menopause, and young men's early hair loss. It can be used on its own, with Rogaine or Propecia (Proscar), or after hair transplant surgery, to enhance the healing process and help the transplanted hair thrive.

The treatment will not work on completely bald areas, only in areas with live follicles. Results are seen in 4 to 6 months. It is important to adhere to the treatment schedule to achieve best results. Men and women being treated for hair loss sit comfortably under the lasers as it gently delivers the phototherapy to the scalp. Most of our patients read a magazine during treatments.

There is no pain or discomfort from the therapy--some patients do report some "scalp-tingling."

Patients who have used the therapy have said that their hair looks and feels thicker, fuller and healthier and they have noticed improved hair growth

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

  • Proven technology in thousands of clinical studies
  • Safe, conforms to FDA and Health Canada safety standards
  • Increases blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment
  • Stimulates hair follicle and regrowth of hair
  • Stops excessive DHT and hair shedding and loss
  • Thicker hair cortex, fuller, shinier, softer and more manageable hair
  • Repairs and improves hair shaft quality
  • Relieves irritating scalp disorders
  • Increased hair strength and elasticity
  • Enhances the lasting effects of hair color and perms by closing the cuticle
  • Bonds and locks in conditioners for enhanced results
  • Non-invasive method, no surgery
  • No thermal damage or burns
  • Pain free
  • No side effects
  • No drugs or medications
  • Doesn't require supplementary expenses such as consumable medications and cosmetics mandate.
  • No alteration or destruction of molecular structure or DNA

The procedure is beneficial for:

  • Men or women who have or expect to have hereditary hair loss
  • Those with secondary hair loss due to illness or medications
  • Ladies who have or may have post-partum hair loss
  • Patients using medications for hair loss
  • Those who have had or expect to have surgical hair restoration
  • Men or women who have hair loss due to medication (chemotherapy)

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